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Hybrid Plan



For Manual Payment Process. Send Payment to the below Processors and then send one mail 
to the company Email id with the transaction Proof with your 
USer Name. So we can approve the ID.
The Virtuous Foundation
Diamond Bank 0023611673.  Card Payment coming soon!!!!!

Questions! FAQ

Q: What's the relationship between millionsAchievers and The Virtuous Foundation?
A: MillionsAchievers is the initiative of The virtuous Foundation in her quest to alleviate poverty and bridge the gap between the rich and the poor..
Q: What we are selling?
A: We are selling Advertisement Traffic Packages like Text ADS and Banner ADS and Ebooks with reseller Rights.So when you make a sale, you receive payment directly to your member account. Basically you will receive 100% commission on E Books Package. You can withdraw your money anytime you want by clicking on withdrawal button on your member area, providing the details of the accounts details where you want payment to get into.
Q: What is the role of The virtuous foundation to millionsAchievers?
A: The virtuous foundation act as a catalyst to ensure members are paid as soon as withdrawal request is made as well as ensure upgrade cost is paid to due sponsor promptly without being stalled as is the practice with Member to member platform.
Q: You say it's 100% commission but we pay $1.70 or 750 Naira but we are paid 100% commission with $1 or $500, why?
A: There's a one time admin charge of 250 Naira or $0.50 with transfer cost of $0.20 because the system is more robust one which allows automatic upgrade to different levels without requiring human interference which could bring about human error so the admin charge is set up fee for the script.
Q: How many membership levels does this program have? and what is the Price?
A: Our Program goes 5 Levels and still counting. The cost of Membership Level 1 is ONLY $1/500 Naira.
 The cost of each level  is as follows:
-Level # 1- $1
-Level # 2- $3
-Level # 3- $10
-Level #4- $30
-Level #5- $50
-Level # 6-$100
-Level #7- $200
-Level #8- $500
-Level #9- $1000
-Level #10-$3000
How it works
Dollar.            Level
$1.                   1 by 5
$3.                  2 by 5
$10.                1 by 5 
$30.               2 by 5
$50.               1 by 5
$100.             2 by 5
$200.            1 by 5
$500.            2 by 5
$1000.          1 by 5
$3000.         2 by 5

Q: Can I have more than one account?
A: No. You can have only 1 account. There is no reason to have more than one account except to cheat the system.

Q: Is this a pyramid/ponzi or gifting, and is it legal?
A: Only someone new to the Networking Industry would ask this question, and it is a legitimate question because no one wants to be involved in something illegal. So to answer the question, no this is not a pyramid or cash gifting. In pyramid schemes and gifting programs there are no products involved. People are just moving money around. We have real products, and when you send money to someone or someone sends money to you, it is for the "purchase" of one of our 8 Product Packages. Digital and Software Products are being sold every day online. It’s a billion dollar industry, and it is not illegal. If it was, there would be no Micro Soft; there would be no Amazon, just to name a few! MillionsAchievers is a Direct Sales Company doing business online and we sell MRR Digital and Software Products at less than wholesale prices because we bundle them into Product Packages. The arena we operate in is the Network Marketing Industry, and there are literally 10’s of thousands of companies or Home Based Businesses in this industry. You just happened to find one of the best because we allow our Resellers to keep 100% of the money from all sales!

Q: Can I skip level 1 and order a package 2 or 3?
A: No. You cannot skip levels. The low cost System is giving you great things, which makes it easy to build your future. That is what the system is doing. It is allowing you to build an investment with no risk and a fantastic return.

Q: Do I need a domain or web hosting account?
A: No. Your site will appear on your username. You simply promote your referral link to refer new members.Do not promote your link until you have paid and activated your account so that your downlines does not pay and activate before you. If that happens he becomes your senior and you can't from him again.
Q: why do you insist on some coming in with his/her 5 immediately?
A: To avoid you losing your downlines.. Ensure you send your username first for approval before sending your downlines own.

Q: How do I get paid?
A: Payments are made into your chosen account when you request for it. You will receive 100% commissions. The available payment processors are Bitcoin and bank payment. 
-You are paid diretly into the account provided by you.
IMPORTANT! Members can only receive payments up to their current membership levels. For example if you have purchased a package #1 and # 2 only, and someone from your 3 tier referrals decided to buy a pack #3 (membership level 3) then YOU WILL PASS UP THIS PAYMENT. And they may pay to their direct or indirect UpLine member that has already purchased this package. Other words, the system automatically chooses the very first member from this member's UpLine with a membership level 3 or higher meaning that you can't earn from your senior. If your downlines registers and gets approved before you then she becomes your senior, you can't earn from her again except you enter next level before him/her.

Q: Do I have to pay another money to upgrade?
A:  No 
Q: Can I start from any level?
A: Yes. You can purchase any level and build from there

Q: How does the compensation plan work?
A: You are paid on different levels per membership. The compensation plan is as follow:
We have 4 up-Gradable memberships in a 5x5 forced matrix.
- Membership level Product x Team = Earning
-Membership 1 = $1/500 Naira x 5= $5/2,500 Naira (You get paid only on Level 1)
-Membership 2 = $3/1,500 Naira x 25= $75/37,500 Naira (You only get paid on Level 2) when the 25 have brought their 5 and upgraded to level 2, you receive the $3/1,500 Naira upgrade fee.
-Membership 3 = $10 /5,000 Naira x 125= $1,250/625,000 Naira  ( You only get paid on Level 3)
-Membership 4= $50 /25,000 Naira x 625= $31,250/ 15,625,000 Naira You only get paid on Level 4)
-Membership 5 = $100 /50,000x 3,125= $312,500/156,250,000 (You only get paid on Level 5)

Looking at the chart above, membership 1 cost $1. When you make a sale, you will earn $1 /500 Naira paid directly to you. When you refer 5 people, they will pay you $1/500 Naira 1 each which comes out to a total of $5/2,500 Naira .automatically you are upgraded to membership 2 which cost $3/1,500 Naira On membership 2 leaving you with $2/1000 Naira  **Income Varies, no income guaranteed** you make your money and withdraw whenever you want.
Q: why is it that when my downlines bring 5 each=25 I don't earn?
A: Because their up line which is your downlines are paid same way you were paid, it only make you qualified to start receding $3/1,500 commission

Q: What Payment Processors can I use?
A: You can use any of the following: Bitcoin And Bank to Bank transfers to make or accept payments.

Q: Can I Refer More Than 5 members?
A: Yes! You could invite any number of new members and they will be placed in your matrix.

Q: How long do I have before I get my account deleted for not making payment and getting approved to the first level?
A: Strictly 3 days, or 72 hours from your registration, deletion is automatic.

Q:How fast can I make money with this business?
A: We pay daily Admin To-Member, so how fast you make money is totally up to you. When you make a sale, the purchaser is required to send the Package Payment directly to you It can be Instant or within 24 hours if by any other Method.

Q: Do you give refunds?
A: Your membership is NON-REFUNDABLE. All payments are final. We cannot refund money to you that has already been paid out to our members (or your Uplines). We never even handle that money - it is paid directly to our members.

Q: Can I change my details (email, password) after joining?
A: Yes, the Back-Office allows changes to your profile. The only thing you cannot change is your Username.

Q: Can I promote my Referral Link and earn money being a Free Member?
A: NO.

Q: Why do I have to wait to earn $10 before I can withdraw? 
A: Because of bank charges on payments 

Q: Do I have to wait to earn only when I complete a level?
A: No. You with anyone who joins your lineage.

Q: I have paid, but have not been confirmed yet. What do I do?
A: Please try to communicate with the admin you sent the payment to. It is reasonable to allow at least 24hours for you to be confirmed and approved. in the system. After payment login with your username and password then click on purchase position then purchase $1 using bank if it's bank payment or Bitcoin 

Q: Are there any monthly fees or administration costs?
A: No. There are one time administration costs.

Q: Is my personal information protected?
A: Yes, the information you enter into the program for your profile will be only used for internal purposes. Your information will never be shared, sold or given to anyone.

Q: Can I pay with Credit Cards?
A: No. Pending when our inter switch webpay is activated

Q: Can I change my details (email, password) after joining?
A: Yes, your Back Office allows you to make changes to your profile. The only detail you cannot change is your Username.

Q: If my sponsor is showing No Sponsor, what do I do?
A: if the account has been approved, You write to admin with letter from sponsor or admin will delete to be on a safe side then you make another payment because initial one has been paid out.

Q: Does MillionsAchievers  issue tax documents or collect tax info? 
A: NO. You are NOT an employee or agent of MillionsAchievers Matrix . You are responsible for maintaining your own records for tax purposes in accordance with your country or state's laws and requirements







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